Lo Romero Golf. A Unique Golfing Experience.

Referred to as The Golf Island, the Lo Romero Golf is a truly unique golf course and residential resort. Located in the Levante area of the Alicante region in Southeast Spain, the resort plays host to a stunning 18th hole, world class golf course.

Surrounded by water, there´s a golf island situated on the 18th green with a bridge connecting it to the outer course. A perfect way to finish a round with a final putt on what feels like your own personal course.

The par 72 golf course runs through a natural landscape and measures just over six kilometres from the yellow tees and  a little less from the red tees. Enjoy the tranquility of nature mixed with sport where the only sounds you will hear is the rustling sound produced by the Mediterranean pine branches.

From some of the holes in the 18 hole layout you can admire the panoramic view of the blue skyline horizon where the sea meets the sky. The strategic positioning of Lo Romero sits on an old Pear and Apple orchard; an enviable location; high quality maintenance; a well cared for environmental landscape and a course design that allows players to achieve a great result, all combined together to give Lo Romero Golf the admirable requisites in it´s favour:

Lo Romero is a par 72, that measure 6,237 metres from the white tees, 6,061 metres from the yellow tees, 5,635 metres from the blue tees and 5,260 metres from the red tees..

The Director Of Golf , Jaime Ibáñez, defines the course as:

“A golf course with wide fairways, a few but strategically placed bunkers and lakes, with different teeing grounds that allow us to adapt the course our customers needs ”.


HOLE 2.Par 5 / Hcp 2

Hole 2 requires a precise and strategic tee shot as the positioning of the ball for the second shot  is crucial in order to save par and pass the frontal water hazard that protects a large but long sloping green. A thinking hole.


HOLE 2.Par 5 / Hcp 2

Hole 2 requires a precise and strategic tee shot as the positioning of the ball for the second shot  is crucial in order to save par and pass the frontal water hazard that protects a large but long sloping green. A thinking hole.


HOLE 3. Par 4 / Hcp 6

The most difficult aspect of this hole is its distance. Par 4 with a left to right dog-leg, whose teeing ground is protected by pines and a fairway flanked by bunkers and a lateral water hazard.


HOLE 4. Par 4 / Hcp 18

This is considered to be the easiest hole… if there is anything to be considered easy in golf. Long hitters have the chance to make birdie. For the not so long hitter be aware of the fairway bunker on the right. The fairway is quite wide and runs up to slightly elevated green with easy access at the front. Be aware of the wind, it plays a relevant role in this hole.


HOLE 5. Par 3 / Hcp 10

Is the first par 3 you will find in the course. To avoid trouble on the green make careful note of the well defined slopes. Club selection is vital as a short tee shot will find some difficulty with the two bunkers that protect the green.


HOLE 6. Par 5 / Hcp 14

The most difficult aspect about this hole is the tee shot. The hole has a slight right to left downhill dog-leg. A good drive will leave you in the middle of a wide fairwaywith a relatively trouble free shot to the green. A tee shot to far to the right will find the lateral hazard on the right. A birdie opportunity for the long hitter.


HOLE 7. Par 3 / Hcp 12

A relatively easy par 3 to get a good result on the course as the green doesn´t have any frontal hazards. The location of the hole makes a difference  and has a bearing on the tee shot because the green has a big slope that can turn the tee shot into a birdie opportunity or a par.


HOLE 8. Par 4 / Hcp 4

Hole of medium difficulty. The elevated tees allow the player to see the wide fairway and the green. A demanding shot to the green is required to reach the putting surface because it is protected by three frontal bunkers. There is also trouble at the back and to the right of the greeen.


HOLE 9. Par 4 / Hcp 16

Easy hole with a wide and straight fairway, where the player can achieve a good result. A birdie opportunity here for all level of player.


HOLE 10. Par 5 / Hcp 5

This hole is the longest hole on the course, but has a wide fairway for landing the ball on.  Aim your tee shot to the left to avoid problems on the right. The following shots to the wide flat green don’t present too many difficulties. The next shots up to a large flat green are easy since  Be aware of the the distance between the bunker and the green  which is longer than it appears.


HOLE 11. Par 4 / Hcp 17

A recovery hole. A beautiful pine tree en the center of the fairway  can be used as a reference point into guiding your tee shot. Depending on the distance of your Tee shot, the ball will be on the lower part or the upper part of the fairway making the difference of your approach into the green, the ball in the lower part will leave you with  a blind shot to the green.


HOLE 12. Par 3 / Hcp 7

The difficulty in this hole 12 is to calculate the correct distance to pass the lake that that comes into play. A shot left short will find the water and players who find difficulties when there is a head wind would be advised to bale out to the right. Take time to observe the great pine around the perimeter of the hole.


HOLE 13. Par 4 / Hcp 11

A hole that requires a strategy. The long hitters will try to carry the bunkers with their drive wheras the not so long hit will need to lay up before the bunkers. Approach shots to a slightly elevated green surrounded by pines with a small ravine running across the front will need some accuracy.


HOLE 14. Par 4 / Hcp 15

The tee shot from this elevated teeing gorund makes the difference to the outcome of this hole. The long hitters with an accurate drive can set themselves up for  a birdie chance. The second shot is relatively straight on an uphill fairway to the green. A chance of par for most, the secret is in the drive.


HOLE 15. Par 3 / Hcp 13

A well laid out hole with a great landscape, this the last of the par 3´s on the course which requires good club selection so as not to leave the ball short. An of target or mis-hit tee shot could finfd you in trouble in front of the tee boxes.  The large green has a numerous amount of slopes and falls to make putting a challenge.


HOLE 16. Par 4 / Hcp 3

The views from the Tee Boxes on Hole 16 are fantastic and the wide fairway with very little trouble invites you to a stunning hole with the views The Mediterranean Sea and La Manga on the Mar Menor (Murcia). The defence of this downhill par 4 is it´s length.


HOLE 17. Par 5 / Hcp 9

A hole with not too much difficulty and a right to left dog-leg. A well placed tee shot over the middle fairway bunker with the palm trees in the distance serve as a good aiming point, as the middle of the fairway is not visible from the tee. Shots into the two tiered green are relatively straight forward. The longer hitters can look at birdie chances here. Par is a good score on this hole.


HOLE 18. Par 4 / Hcp 18

The most remarkable hole on the course due to its green that is completely surrounded by water. From the teeing grounds, the player can see the the entire layout of the hole, including the bunkers the sides and the water that surrounds the green. The approach shot onto the island green is a great challenge for most players and can make or break a round… we will let you make your own observations and comments….